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STOP BY: 242-A North Main Street in Marion, across from the park next to the Community Building and with he Ninja Turtles in the windows!

Why Karate?

Sure, karate looks cool – but is rocking Chuck Norris moves really a good reason to invest your time and money? Hmmm . . . maybe. But there are some much bigger reasons to train in martial arts than just chopping like the Karate Kid.

1 – Physical Fitness

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This is a physical sport. Practicing martial arts burns calories, increases muscle mass and improves heart function. Anyone, no matter what their age or ability level, will improve their physical fitness through karate.

2 – Personal Growth

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In martial arts, the battle that we fight is in the stillness of our hearts and our willingness to come face-to-face with our true selves. This path brings challenges, setbacks, breakthroughs and triumphs. Getting through the tough parts with great support is the heart of karate.

3 – Learning to Take a Hit


The bottom line is that life is full of hits – what makes us successful is learning to react to them.  Martial arts teaches us how to get up when we’re knocked down, and essentially that those hits are almost never as long lasting as they seem to be. Bonus: a HUGE boost in self confidence, that carries far outside of the dojo.

4 – Conflict Resolution

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Karate is not about learning to start fights – in fact fighting is our last resort. Words are never a reason to get physical, and martial arts skill isn’t something that we learn to brag about. Being a martial artist means being humble and not jumping into a physical fight.

5 – Find Your Passion

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Everyone, no matter what their age or ability level, benefits from stepping onto the mats. Robinson Martial Arts offers real world martial arts training in a supportive environment. We believe in the transforming power of martial arts, and we’ve seen those transformations in our own lives and in the lives of countless students.

Why RMA?

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You have lots of options in McDowell County – why us?


1 –  Small Classes

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One thing that you’ll notice is that our classes are small. That means that each student gets the private, individual attention that they need to grow in skill and in discipline. We pride ourselves on being a solid, supporting environment for all of our students.

2 – Family Atmosphere

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Robinson Martial Arts is a family owned, family run business. We appreciate the participation of families at our dojo, in whatever capacity. Parents and partners are always welcome to observe classes, and we welcome everyone to dojo events.

3 – Expertise

autumn robinson martial arts

Kyoshi Randy Robinson is a 7th degree black belt in Goju Shorin Karate, and Renshi Scot Robinson is a 4th degree black belt in Goju Shorin. Both men have decades of experience and championship titles to back up those ranks. On the teaching side, Renshi Scot has a Master’s degree in Education and years of experience as a public school teacher, where he specialized in improving behavior in children who were struggling. RMA offers a high level of instruction that you won’t find anywhere else!

4 – Community

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We’re building a great community here at RMA. You’ll find lots of free events like movie night and demonstrations in addition to seminars that bring expert martial artists right here to Marion. We participate in local events and caravan to competitions. There’s more than just class!

5 – Passion

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We love what we do, and it shows. We’ve seen how much of an impact martial arts can have. It’s FUN! The structure and discipline aspects of martial arts are essential, but the best masters are those who enjoy training – and we do! Our passion for helping people to grow through the martial arts sets us apart from other schools.

Join Us! Start your martial arts journey today!

Call: 828-658-2581

Email: [email protected]

Stop by: 242-A North Main Street in Marion, across from the park next to the Community Building and with he Ninja Turtles in the windows!