RMA Sakura Ryu Kuro Bushi

Robinson Martial Arts Has Moved to a Larger Building with Two Training Floors and Lots of Spectator Seating – So Come Visit Us at 140 West Marion Business Park.  

Covid 19 Mandatory Safety Requirements

The following will be required until the state lifts them.  We know that some of these mandates are unpopular, but it’s imperative that we follow them explicitly, not only for safety, but also to ensure that the state allows us to stay open.

  1. The dojo will be sanitized regularly.  We already vacuum, mop with solution, & disinfect the bathroom daily, but now, after each class, we will also disinfect door knobs & any equipment that is touched by students, we will spray the mats with hospital grade cleaner, and we will re-spray bathroom surfaces. 
  2. Uniforms & cloth masks must be freshly washed before each class in order to prevent any outside contamination.  Plastic face shields should be wiped with disinfectant.
  3. Temperatures will be taken at the door by an instructor or RMA Booster Club officer.  The CDC states that anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above cannot be admitted.  Anyone at 100.3 is considered safe.
  4. Masks covering both the nose and mouth must be worn by anyone while inside the building.  These can be cloth or the clear shields available at Sam’s Club, Amazon, and other outlets.  
  5. We will make every attempt to maintain social distancing requirements of 6 feet.  We will eliminate touching between students and instructors except when absolutely necessary.  Parents and visitors are requested to seat themselves with adequate space between them.  Family members can, of course, sit together.

We look forward to seeing everyone.  It’s been a strange and difficult year, but like my dad, Rev. Groce Robinson, always said, “Failure is not the act of falling down. Failure is the refusal to get back up and try again.” We’re martial artists and failure is never an option. So, we’re gonna get back up, deal with the inconveniences, and work toward a bright future filled with successes!

What are you looking for in a martial arts school?

In the beginning, everyone approaches martial arts differently.

Many parents are interested in getting their kids physically active and engaged with other children.  Some want their kids to become more focused and confident.  Many recognize the need for self defense training in an increasingly difficult world. And, others like the sport aspect of karate, so they look for a school that regularly competes in tournaments.

Potential adult students look for much the same things.  That’s because they’re aware of all the research that points to martial arts training enhancing their personal and professional lives by teaching them to be more focused, fit, and disciplined – in addition to helping them be safer by gaining self defense skills.

In the final analysis, training at Robinson Martial Arts does all of these things.

  • Kids do better in school, get strong and flexible, develop a sense of self-sufficiency, and learn how to aim for success.  They become part of a team that helps each member move forward.  And, they have fun!   

  • Adults who train are happier and more productive at work.  You get progressively more physically fit, more goal oriented, increasingly confident, and become part of a tightly knit group that encourages, supports, and keeps you pointing toward your goals!

At Robinson Martial Arts our students are family.  And, we encourage your family members to be involved in your journey.  Parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters . . . everyone in your life is considered part of the dojo family.  They watch their students train, hang out at the “big table”, or just stop by to talk with friends.  The inside joke is that we’re the McDowell County version of Cheers!  We really do know everybody’s name . . . and probably the names of all their pets (except snakes – we don’t do snakes!). 

But, we take our work seriously and regularly produce champion competitors and national award winners to prove it.  However, we’re not all work –  you know, train, train, train.  We regularly have social events – parties, potlucks, picnics.  If there’s an excuse to have food and fun, we’re there!  And, for those who want to go a step farther, we have an active booster club.  They’re a separate organization that supports and raises funds to offset costs of our competition team and coordinates the fun stuff, i.e., parties, etc.  Plus, they serve our community by collecting food and clothing, school supplies, and Christmas gifts for those in need.

So, don’t wait!  Check us out.  We offer training in Sakura Ryu Karate for Tigers 4-6 years of age, kids 7-12, adults 13 – up.

Just give us a call at 828-768-2581 to make an appointment for a FREE, no obligation class, and see what a difference Robinson Martial Arts can make in your life!