RMA Newsletter – August 2016

RMA Newsletter – August 2016

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We are so honored to have been voted Best Martial Arts Instructor AND Best Fitness Club! We cannot thank you enough for all of the support. It’s our students who make it all possible. Party to celebrate at movie night on the 26th!

Come try a new class!

Martial arts is so much more than karate, and we believe in the power of working across styles in order to take your training to the next level. That’s why this month we’re expanding our offerings to include not only karate but also Japanese Ju Jitsu for all ages. Come check out cardio kickboxing to help fuel your body or jujitsu to fuel your technique.

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Combat Sports in the Olympics!

Every four years we’re treated to the incredible event that is the Olympics, where athletes from all over the world come together to push themselves to the limit.

Look out for:

  • Fencing from the 8th-14th
  • Judo from the 8th-12th
  • Taekwondo from the 17th-20th
  • Boxing from the 14th-20th
  • Wrestling from the 14th-21st  

Keep in mind that next time the Summer Games roll around, Karate will be included!

Upcoming AWESOME Events

  • August 26 – Movie night with Real Steel & Best of McDowell Party to celebrate
  • August 5-21 – Olympics in Rio!
  • August 20th – USFFC in Greenville
  • September 24th – Tournament in Taylorsville
  • October 15th – Michael DePasquale – Ju-Jitsu & Stunts

RMA Birthdays!

  • 8th: Jude Robinson
  • 8th: Candace Dalton
  • 11th: Kaylee Reeves
  • 11th: Avari Rector
  • 17th: Nathan Crean
  • 27th: Alexis Kee



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