RMA HOW TO – Competition Day

RMA HOW TO – Competition Day

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Congratulations on competing! While it can be nerve wracking, there’s no need to worry. Whatever happens, the day will be a success if you prepare well, do your best, and have fun – no matter what kind of trophies or medals you come home with.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for competition day.

Packing list:

  • White gi (with the RMA logo and patch if possible, though this isn’t required).
  • Change of clothes. You’ll be able to change at the venue, so you can pack the gi in a bag or bring it hanging if you prefer.  
  • Belt
  • Mouth guard
  • Cup (for boys)
  • Sparring gear – helmet, hands and feet
  • Camera – video is awesome
  • Snacks – protein bars are great as there won’t be many healthy options at the venue.
  • Water bottle – hydration is so important!
  • A bag to carry it all in

Some things to keep in mind:

  • SLEEP – Good sleep the night before is important. If the competition is more than 3 hours away, consider staying overnight. Book online for great deals, or check with the tournament as many tournaments partner for dis- count hotels nearby.
  • TIMING – Get to the venue early, even if you’ve preregistered, in case there are any snags. This also gives the nerves some time to settle. You can often practice kata right in the ring you’ll compete in if you’re there early.
  • WARM-UP – RMA will warm up together just before competition begins.
  • PATIENCE – Tournament timing can be tricky and also exhausting depending on how many competitors there are. There might be a lengthy wait for your events. Discipline is a key here.
  • ATTENTION – Pay close attention to all announcements that come out over the speakers, they’re sometimes important and sometimes not, but if you miss something essential then you could miss your event.
  • RESPECT – Judges are going to make calls that you might not agree with. Part of this process is learning to stand up and fight when appropriate, but also when to stay disciplined and find peace with the outcome. Respect the judges and their decisions, but speak to an RMA coach if you’ve got serious concerns.
  • PICTURES – RMA tries to get a group shot of our competitors with their trophies for the paper.
  • FUN – Competition is about personal growth, making new friends, and showing off those skills. It’s not about getting first place, though of course that’s a big goal. Keep everything in perspective and let the day unfold. It’s a lot of fun!
  • CELEBRATION – Head out of the venue and go out to dinner or grab some ice cream!

Need a printable version of this how to? Click Here: RMA HOW TO – CompetitionDay.


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