Essential Info for RMA Summer Camp

Essential Info for RMA Summer Camp



Thank you for signing up for Kickin’ It Karate Camp! We are so excited for a fun week of training and camaraderie. Skills grow, friendships are forged and memories to last a lifetime are created.


  • 7:30 – 8:00 am. Dropoff.  Kids can bring breakfast to eat at the dojo if they need to. Bow in and activities will start promptly at 8am.
  • Noon – 12:15pm. Pickup. Camp is over at noon, with pick up by 12:15 pm (yoga will start on Monday right after camp).
  • Camp is MONDAY thru THURSDAY (four days)



  • Food & Water – Send a small snack (protein bars, nuts or fruit are great options) and a bottle of water with your child. Every day will include a break, when fuel and hydration will be important. We’ll have a snack pack including a protein bar and bottle of water for sale for $2 if you forget!
  • Uniform – Gi pants and belt are required, just as for regular class.
  • Painting Clothes – Monday will start with the painting of team flags. Kids are closely supervised during this activity, but we still ask that parents send a change of clothes so that gi pants don’t get paint on them. There will be a chance to change in and out.
  • Rest – This is a week of hard training, so expect your kids to be exhausted. Most parents report that their kids are sleeping right after dinner during camp week.
  • Weapons – Training weapons for the week will be provided, however you’re free to purchase a personal weapon. Ask Sensei or Kyoshi for details as it’s important to get the right weapon for safety – weapons that are not approved by the RMA instructional staff could cause serious injury.
  • Thursday competition – Kids will participate in a end of the week celebration on Thursday with high kicking contests, sparring rounds, kata performances and more. Times will be announced midweek and parents are welcome to attend.
  • Camp tshirts – These are distributed on Thursday morning for kids to wear for pictures and fun on the last day of camp!

Yay for camp! We’re so excited!



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